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Service and maintenanceAir Conditioning can be a good investment. However, an air conditioning unit needs to be serviced regularly to avoid poor cooling, breakdown and possible critical damage to the unit.
The most common problems faced by many people using air conditioning units are faulty cooling, rattling sounds from the unit, formation of water pools below the air conditioning unit, malfunctioning temperature control and much more.
These problems can be easily solved by hiring a professional to service your air conditioning unit.
Air Comfort engineers have many years of experience in the air conditioning industry, having worked on a wide range of system types and manufacturer equipment. This means we understand the equipment we work on inside and out ensuring thorough servicing and quality workmanship.
In so many cases, the air conditioning system is taken much for granted and it’s only when a breakdown happens do people realise how indispensable it is. This breakdown often results in business disruption, sleepless nights and customer dissatisfaction. Especially if the system is an integral part of your service delivery, such as in the case of a restaurants or holiday home rentals.
Annual maintenance for your air conditioning system helps prevent breakdowns, maintains systems efficiently and often is required as part of equipment warranties.
An air conditioning system breakdown could be a very costly affair for the owner, as repairs of an air conditioning unit can be quite expensive.
It is always advisable to service your air conditioning unit rather than pay more when these units get damaged and stop working.

If you would like our help to maintain your air conditioning system, or you have discovered a fault in your system and you require our help, please feel free to get in touch with us today.

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